About us

Dale Beggs /President

He facilitates and organizes all areas of the construction and development process. For the last thirty years, as president, Dale has been involved in all project development with new clients, whether new construction or remodels. He plays an active role throughout the entire preconstruction process. Additionally, Dale remains fully involved throughout the duration of construction and continues to monitor each project by working closely with the team in the field. He attends weekly job meetings and is updated on all developments.

Josh Beggs /Vice President

He has been the senior estimator and project manager for over nine year. Has a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in construction management from Colorado state university. He is currently licensed as an “unlimited A” general contractor. His largest single project completed to date was over fifteen million dollars.

Steven Barr, Esq  Steven J. Barr

Steven Barr has been the Vice President and General Counsel for the company since 2001. He has over 40 years of experience in real estate transactions, contract negotiation and preparation, contruction law and any related negotiations or litigation.

William Lilley/Project Manager

He has been in construction since 1992, running his own company for ten years before coming to work with Colorado Commercial Builders in 2005. He serves as Project Manager for many of our smaller projects, handling all supervision and job site management as well as client relations.